Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry about the infrequent posts this week. Our net connection is as bad as our cell signal these days. Let me catch everyone up on what's been going on.

My last appointment with my transplant doctor was September 5 and our schedule was pretty tightly packed. I received some surprise news that made me rethink a few things. My interim transplant doctor forgot to mention that I'd be receiving 6 more intrathecal chemo treatments. This is the procedure where they numb a small spot on my back and insert a needle into my spinal column. I get a dose of chemo pumped into my spine and brain. My doctor is just being conservative with my treatment. It's like a small insurance policy in case some small portion of my disease or a tumor has taken root. It happens all of the time. We've met patients with central nervous system involvement and it's not pretty. Each month, I will receive another treatment until my course is finished.

So, to clear Chris's good name, it wasn't the candy bar that made me sick. It was the chemical soup that my brain was swimming in. It's effects are just now wearing off enough for me to feel "normal". I've been foggy and frustrated for the past week for lack of ability. I couldn't think straight and I couldn't hold a decent conversation. Writing took forever because I kept transposing letters and words, or I would get homophones confused. (Right, write, etc.).

My cough continues intermittently. Always when my allergies are acting up. I've started taking a decongestant at the recommendation of my PA. It's helped tremendously. It also keeps me up at night if I take it too late. One more pill to add to the brood.

I saw my local oncologist on Thursday and he was very positive. My numbers are near normal. I feel well most of the time. I'll see him once a week until I'm told otherwise. I'll report to MD Anderson once a month until told otherwise. "Otherwise" seems like an awfully long time. I'll tentatively start an immunization program after my one year transplant anniversary. These are supposed to continue over the course of two years. It'll be like I'm a new born trapped in an adult's body. I can't have a glass of wine for another year. No steak like I like it for two years or so. Big deal. At least I'm still here.

Still no results on my FISH tests. My PA called and told me that it might be the end of the month before it comes in. Chris is anxious about this. It is what it is and getting the results sooner rather than later won't really make a difference, so to speak. We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Chris, Happy Birthday!

Treat yourself right, man. You deserve it.

someonewhocares said...


Your life is just beginning. I am so proud of you both. The storm will be calming and turn into a beautiful rainbow!! That rainbow is YOU Ann because you are healthy and alive!! YAY ANN!!!

With so much love
Ashley :)