Friday, September 21, 2007

Give me Fever

Day +114

Ann woke up today complaining of a slightly sore throat and she was running a low grade fever (>100.0 F). She has had a "tickle" in the back of her throat since Sunday, and we informed the transplant team at MDA and the local hematologist. Both seemed unconcerned and advised us to "wait and see". This morning I guess the bugs responsible for the "tickle" got the upper hand and escalated things into a sore throat.

Our local doctor phoned in a prescription for Biaxin to our local CVS. Which he felt pretty sure would take care of the problem. I was going to pick it up at lunchtime. However, by then Ann's temperature had jumped up to 100.9 F and I packed her up and headed for the ER in Baton Rouge. Back when we where at MDA the limit for going into the ER was anything equal to or above 100.5 F or 38.0 C.

So while I drove like a madman through the awful traffic on I-10, Ann was on her cell phone with MDA asking to page her doctor. The receptionist at MDA took down Ann's info but made a small mistake. She recorded Ann's temperature as 109.0 F not 100.9 F. So as we where pulling up to Our Lady of the Lake Ann got a call from her doctor at MDA who was "having kittens".

After a few tense moments Ann explained the problem, that her temperature wasn't really 109 and everyone claimed down. Dr. Kebriaei then told her that she didn't need to go into the ER and we should only worry about it if the fever escalates. She felt like Ann's condition was stable enough that we didn't have to play by the exact same set of rules that we did when we were isolated to the mile radius around MDA.

So Ann has dodged the ER for now, but unfortunately we had to cancel something we where really looking forward to. We had planned a meeting with our friends Ann and Paige at Flemings steak house tonight. That had to be axed, and it has made both of us pretty sad.
Ann was looking forward to smelling rare steak (she can't have it rare for a year), I was looking forward to eating one, and we where both excited about meeting Paige.

If you don't remember Paige then let me take you back a few months. We had an interview with the Daily Reveille (the student newspaper of LSU) and Paige was one of the thousands of people on the LSU campus who read Ann's story. She didn't know either of us but decided to do something.

She formed a facebook group and solicited donations by asking for a single buck per person. The group quickly swelled to almost four thousand people. Under Paige's leadership they where quickly organized and focused on raising money and pressuring Ann's insurance. Ultimately Ann's insurance did allow the the cord blood transplant, so the group moved on to other activities. Paige was instrumental in helping run the blood and marrow donor drive on the LSU campus that set records for the amount of blood and platelets donated.

I really hope she understands and will give us a few days to get Ann's fever under control. It was a real disappointment not getting to meet someone as awesome as Paige tonight. However, we have been waiting months to meet her, and we can wait a few days more. I just hope we don't disappoint her.

By the way as of writing this Ann' s temperature is 101.3 F.


Anonymous said...

It's ok. I was really excited, but Ann's health is much more important. It'll happen! I know it will!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me posting that, by the way. lol
- Paige