Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day +119

The last few days have been bizarre healthwise, hence the lack of posts on my end. My fever finally broke and I managed to stay fever free all day yesterday. The lymph node is nearly gone, but still tender to the touch. I'm sure that it wouldn't be so uncomfortable if I'd stop checking it every 15 minutes. Paranoia is your copilot sometimes.

I did check in with my doctor at MDA on Monday, just to let her know about the lymph node. Her PA called me later in the day with a laundry list of questions that all tie back to symptoms of relapse. Example: "How big was the node at its largest and today?", "Any night sweats?", "Diarrhea? How many times a day?", etc. The answer was yes to the "BIG" three. That's when Toby's voice changed. That's when I started having an internal melt down. I woke up one night with spots all over my t-shirt and an overwhelming hot feeling. Check to the night sweats. Swollen lymph node, check. I take close to 4500 milligrams of magnesium a day, so draw your own conclusions about my potty issues.

I volunteered to go in for testing. She told me to wait until she called me back. At no point did she hint that I might be relapsing. She was always reassuring. It was just the voice. I could almost hear her thinking as she spoke to me. I know that there are alternative reasons for my symptoms. Night sweats come with fevers sometimes. Swollen lymph nodes occur when you have an infection. You already know about the magnesium.

She called me back a little later and told me to wait a week, then call to talk about what had been going on. There was no cause for concern at the moment. Too late. I was climbing the inside of my skull, worried that something I had done had caused a relapse. You can imagine Chris' face.

Here's where things began to take a little twist. Right before my transplant, my digestive system effectively shut down for whatever reason. My abdomen became distended and I wouldn't eat or drink because it was so uncomfortable. My "fat" shirts were too tight. I was prescribed Enulose, which could masquerade as liquid candy corn with a very slimy consistency. It took 6 doses over 18 hours to work, but it eventually did.

Monday night, the same thing happened. I wasn't digesting and I was miserable. Tuesday, still the same. It's much better today, but I still haven't eaten anything, so I may be jumping the gun. I still look like I swallowed a small melon versus the whole fruit truck. I'll see my local oncologist tomorrow and I'm sure we'll discuss all of the fun that I've been having this week.

I finally started sleeping again, so I'm less cranky than normal. Poor Chris and Dixie put up with a lot. I just took my last Cymbalta and the Lupron shot should be wearing off in the next few days. Something tells me that I'll be having some pretty crazy mood swings over the next few weeks. I did finally fold the laundry (Sorry Nancy, it had to be done. I could have planted a flag in it and called it Mt. Cheer). Chris helped.

I'm off to try eating something solid. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Ann i am sorry you have been under the weather here lately but keep up your positive attitude!!! thinking and praying for you and i sure hope you start feeling better! Lisa :)

amy t. said...

What a day! That sucks! I am impressed that you folded laundry. I actually feel ok and my laundry pile still sits. Maybe tomorrow...

Hope you are starting to feel better and that your doctor's appt. is uneventful!

Nancy said...

Ann, I hope you are feeling better. I wish I were closer so I could tie you to the couch! Just kidding. I'm sure you're fine. You just need to get over this little "thing." I had lots of little "things" happen to me. Just gotta rest and let them pass. I hope you can eat soon! Good Luck at the doctors office! love, nancy