Monday, September 10, 2007

First Non-Houston Doctor's Visit

D +103

WBC 7.1 K/uL
RBC 3.54 M/uL
HGB 11.0 G/dL
PLT 296 K/uL
ANC 4.1 K/uL

Ann had her first non-Houston based Doctor's appointment today, and as you can see her blood counts still look good. We where actually not supposed to have this done until Thursday, but last night Ann developed a dry cough that continued through the night off and on. So this morning I called MDA and asked them for direction on reacting to it.

They told me to ask to move our Baton Rouge doctor's appointment forward and get her lungs x-rayed. MDA wasn't to concerned about it, but they just wanted to play it safe. In the past this sort of thing has been brought on by Ann's new post transplant super allergies. Yes, apparently after a transplant your allergies are magnified and you get brand new ones you never knew existed before.

It was a bit odd walking into the very same doctor's office today where our journey began all the way back in January. As we where called back into our appointment we passed examination room #4. The room where Ann and I sat in nervous laughter just before the diagnosis was delivered to us. I found myself wondering how many people had taken their first step of the journey by walking out of that door just like we did.

Ann got her chest x-ray and they turned out to be clear. I can't be thankful enough for that. The cough again has turned out to be post-nasal drip and she is going back on Claritin-D tomorrow. That along with the Flownase she is already taking should do the trick and dry her up.

Oh as a side note we found out what caused Ann to throw up the other day. The culprit turned out to be a Three Musketeer bar. I had gotten her one as a "treat" and it turned out to be just a bit too rich for her stomach. This has happened once or twice before when I try to introduce Ann to new foods, but I still feel like the worlds' biggest jerk and want to go hide under a rock out of guilt.

Ann will be blogging tomorrow and I think she is going to be taking about getting to see her Cats again. Thats all for tonight. Good night everyone.

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