Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day +101

I'm not feeling so hot today. Allergies are knocking me back and we got some bad news about another transplant patient that we've been keeping up with. Chris is worried since I threw up while we were driving through BR looking for houses for sale. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

I'm still a little shell shocked and numb now that I'm back. It doesn't quite seem real. More like the same routine in a new location. We're trying to get settled. Dixie's been very kind in letting us stay with her while we try to put things back together.

I'll have to be honest and say that I'm still a little gun shy after having been under lock and key for so long. Friends, I will be calling. (Scottie K., I haven't forgot about you. I promise to call. :)) Don't think that I've become a hermit, I'm just still out of sorts. Feel free to call me if I'm being a slow poke about it. Or there's email. Click on my profile if you need the address. I promise, you'll hear from me soon.


Tina said...

annie, don't expect too much from yourself right away. just ease those little toes back into the water.
and e-v-e-r-y-one will understand if you need time to settle in. of course you will. this is a big change. huge. and wonderful.

what a great new phase of your recovery! can't wait to see you.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

don't worry about it, ann, take your time! and i'm sure you'll feel better soon. i'm so happy for you!
- paige