Sunday, September 30, 2007

"eating at the grown up's table"

Day +123

Yesterday was very special because we finally got to meet Paige and her Boyfriend, Jordan. I can't tell you how exciting it was to get to meet them in person. Unfortunately I forgot my Treo doesn't have a flash on it so I missed the opportunity to get some pictures at dinner.

We followed all of MDA's rules for transplant patients eating in public. We arrived well before the rush and asked to be seated well away from any crowds. Luckily for us Flemings was just about deserted at 5 and once I explained Ann's condition they went out of their way to look out for us.

The only part of the night that really made Ann sad was that she will have to wait two years before she can have a rare steak.

Me and Ann

Paige and Jordan

Paige, Me, Ann and Dixie


Anonymous said...

Ann, your hair is soooooo soft! lol

- Paige

Nancy said...

Ann, you look absolutely chic!!! The dew is becoming on you!!!
Congrats on the great news with all the marrow tests! You are doing superbly!! love, nance

amy t. said...

These pictures make me sooooo happy!