Thursday, August 2, 2007


Day +64 (D 204)

Today's special guest blogger and graduate of Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, Mayo Clinic Correspondence School, and Club Med School, Doctor Nick Riviera...

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to say that Ann is doing ok but today she is not feeling too good. As many of you know I may have gone to medical school for four years and that qualifies me to not only fill out as many prescriptions as I want but to guess if someone is feeling bad. Seriously I can prescribe anything I want!

But back to the patient...she is a bit under the weather and I would say that she is suffering from a total lack of booze. I know cause when I saw her I said "Holy smokes! You need Booze"! She should come down to my elective surgery's where the action is. And I am running a special where every surgery is half off for kiddies and pets.

But seriously Ann has a nasty little bug called "Pa-ra-in-flu-enza"...hey I said it! Apparently it is something only the kiddies get and it infects the lower respiratory thingy. Oh I wish I had had wikipedia when I was going to medical school. It says that repeated infections can happen throughout life and it usually lasts for 7 days.

Normally in these cases I prescribe my I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-A-Government-Approved-Antibiotic-Substitute and the patient is sometimes Okey-Dokey in no time. It's the pathway to health! Now I got to go and do a complete nosectomy.

Just remember if you want to have an exclusive surgery with me, Dr. Nick Riviera, dial 1-800-DOCTORB. Note the extra B is for BARGAIN!

Bye everybody!


Ann has been running a bit of a temperature (99.1F - 100.4F) since our little trip to the ER a few days ago. Not high enough to be trouble, but enough to make me keep checking her every two or three hours. Today she threw up a bit and so we called the transplant team and asked if we should come in.

They said no and Ann probably has parainfluenza which has started turning up in a few other BMT patients in the last few days. They think she is the victim of cross contamination and put her on an antibiotic as prophylaxis. Unfortunately the bug is viral so we are just going to have to wait it out for the next couple of days. The transplant team seems to be pretty confident that Ann is in no danger and this is a pretty normal occurrence.

Ann spent most of the day zonked out on the couch and resting. By the middle of the day she was feeling better and managed to eat something and then went right back to sleeping until the evening. That pretty much wrecked my plans for getting her to work out on her foot bike or do something active, but I don't want her to overdo it when she isn't feeling good.

More tommorrow...


Anonymous said...

I hope she starts feeling better!!! :) Lisa

Anonymous said...

get well, ann!