Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My two cents

I'm getting really anxious about next week. I keep running into one particular BMT patient at physical therapy and today we had a chat. She gets to leave on day + 90, which is this Thursday and wondered if my doctor would be letting me out early, too. We'll find out this week. I'm not nervous about test results or worried about the other things. I'm just ready to see my friends and family, not to mention my kitties.

On a personal note: Contessa, you can email me if you'd like to talk. Cindy can tell you how to get a hold of me. Tell her I'm still trying to figure out how to knit the SUV for her. :)

Michelle, stay tough. You're an amazing person and I know what you're going through.


Nancy said...

You continue to come up with great counts! Don't be afraid, just be careful!!! I know about that anxious feeling... but until you actually get to leave, it seems far away.

When you go back to a pseudo-normal life... remember, you shouldn't mess with cleaning the house (dust is bad for us) and don't sort the dirty laundry. I know what you are thinking... DARN!
I felt the same way... ha ha ha
Also, I know you miss you cats, but I think MDA will instruct you to stay away from your pets, as well as houseplants. You'll still be immunocompromised for some time. Just be careful and remember... better safe than sorry!

Congratulations... you've been through so much and deserve to be back home. You wouldn't take "no" for an answer and came through with flying colors!!! Chris and Ann, you two are very special. Continue to take good care for each other and go out and enjoy life. With love, Nancy

just me, contessa said...

Ann, you and Chris really do amaze me, I actually asked my husband(already knowing the answer, But i needed to be assured) that if something in my tests came back bad, and in case i do have cancer, or anything else really bad, would he stand by my side, you went through this fight together and you have both stayed so strong. you both really rock! hey ann, knit me a corvette would ya? i would love to chat with ya!

Tina said...

anniebananie. i am just so proud of you. just so proud. and relieved. and happy. and bursting at the seams to see you soon.

chris...i could only dream of having someone like you by my side when the sH*t hits the fan.