Saturday, August 18, 2007

Late Post

Day +79 (D 219)

Apologies for the late post. We filmed this last night but apparently Youtube had a problem with it's servers and I couldn't post it until now.


Nancy said...

Your counts continue to be tremendous. I bet you are looking forward to that 100 day mark! But, as I heard Chris say in the background... the low bacteria diet shouldn't just cease to exist at 100 days. Go easy at first adding one or two things a day back into your diet. Ease yourself into "new" foods... Better safe than sorry... Take care... love, nancy

Erica Hedrick said...

I am intrigued by your story because my husband had Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma and underwent a BMT himself. Unfortunately, he is suffering from GVHD. We are also in the BR area. I pray that you continue to do well & never develop GVHD. It's a terrible disease whose only comfort is that the presence of it means that relapse of the cancer is slim.