Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In the Slammer

Day +70 (D 210)

Short update for today.

Ann got admitted to the Hospital this morning around 3 AM. We just saw the attending physician and he plans to keep her here at a minimum until Monday.

X-rays taken last night int he ER have been officially determined to be "inconclusive" but they are being run back through radiology. Later today she has a CT Scan of her sinuses and chest.

Ann's fever is gone completely but she is still getting periodic sinus pressure and some clear drainage. They currently have her on 24 hour drips of two IV Antibiotics (vancomycin and maxipime).

Ann counts today...

WBC 6.5 K/uL
RBC 2.73 K/uL
HGB 9.1 G/DL
PLT 267 K/uL
ANC 3.61 K/uL

These numbers are a drop from yesterday's counts and that worries me.

I have not had any decent sleep since yesterday so I'm signing out until later.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you start feeling Better and hopefully Chris is getting some rest! Praying for you...Lisa