Monday, August 20, 2007

No more clinic on Mondays

Day +81 (D 221)

I guess today is something of a milestone because this was the first Monday in a very long time that Ann didn't have to go to clinic...

...Of course that also means it's the first Monday in a long time that she didn't have to have her vitals taken or blood tests done. Also no-one handed us test results which I could use to reassure myself that Ann is safe. So no blood counts today.

You guessed it, I haven't quit worrying yet and I'm not sure I ever will.

Still despite not having any clinic visit scheduled today Ann decided she still wanted to go to physical therapy. She says she really feels better after working out with the therapists, but I think she is just committed to getting better and getting out of here. The physical therapists feel the same way and they have started mixing up her exercises to include more walking and tread mill activities. They want Ann to be as mobile as possible before sending her back into the wild.

In other news, the PharmD has reduced Ann's take home magnesium IV infusion. It now runs a little over two hours and is a lot more manageable for Ann to carry around the apartment. I suppose this is all in preparation for the tag and release program. Nineteen days to go.

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amy t. said...

NINETEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!