Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"It's deja vu all over again..."

Day +69 (D 209)

Ann's counts today...

WBC 8.9 K/uL
RBC 3.08 K/uL
HGB 10.3 G/DL
PLT 308.0 K/uL
ANC 6.05 K/uL

So the day started out pretty good. After last weeks "bump" with parainfluenza, Ann was getting back into the swing of things. Her temp readings have all been both low and high but neither alarmingly so and she was feeling good enough to return to the routine at physical therapy in the mornings.

Today started especially encouragingly because the transplant team actually discussed two things that might happen on Day +100. That is if things keep going well. The first is that Ann would be sent down to the infusion therapy department on the second floor and they would take the CVC port of her chest. The second would be a general discharge from MDA and clearance to leave the city of Houston!

Day +100 will fall on 9/7/07 if all goes well. +471 Days or 18 months post transplant marks the point at which the statistical chance of relapse is as low as it will ever get. Then +1731 Days or 5 years is the point at which people are considered "cured". I probably shouldn't be excited by it because I know that making it 100 days post transplant is not the end of any possible problems. But we can both feel the excitement building. Perhaps that makes this a dangerous time too. I worry we could be developing a false sense of security.

I say that because at bed time tonight Ann again registered a temperature of 100.7F. Thats above the magic number of 100.5F anything above which we have to go directly to the ER. Thats where we are again tonight.

While Ann is off to get chest x-rays, a sinus CT scan and the ER doctor tries to admit her to the hospital before finding out what she actually has I have made an observation. Yogi Berra was a wiser man that almost anyone gives him credit for. His malapropisms may have sounded like juxtaposed nonsense, but they are really quite suitable and sophisticated.

Here we are in the ER and really is "... like deja vu all over again".


amy t. said...

You're not the only ones who consider what 18 months and 5 years down the road will look like. We can all feel your excitement! I have my fingers crossed that all is well after your night in the ER. Keep us posted as I know you will!

Wiley said...

I know it's never fun going to the ER. We, too, can feel the excitement building and are hoping (and praying for those who pray) for the 18 month and 5 year lines. You've gotten across so many of them, those can't seem too far away. You're inour hearts and minds,


Mabyn Shingleton said...

wow... leave the group for a few days and my goodness things go up and down. I'm glad I read the last post first. whew. I hope something I sent to you worked out. Both of you need a good stint of "boring health". mabyn