Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day +77 (D 217)

Thankfully, I can report that yesterday was uneventful. I didn't manage to run a fever and I was allowed to complete a full workout at physical therapy. All of the physical therapists joked with me about staying out of the hospital. Lucky for me, I did.

I have been driving lately, and Chris is pretty supportive of it. After 8 months it's strange to be behind the wheel again. For those of you who have been in a car with me in the past, you'd be surprised at the change. I'm going to guess that one of my cords came from a very impatient baby. I'm working on the patience bit, but the traffic here is unbearable. I'm happy to report that I can feel the soles of my feet and I'm pretty sure that I can feel my fingertips. I know that sounds strange, but after 8 months of not really being able to feel anything but pain it can be hard to tell.

I find that I'm becoming very impatient as day 100 approaches. I'm desperate for a new routine. It's just time to take my life back. Poor Chris is in knots about me relapsing. I don't know what I can do about it. I'm determined to live my life so that I can say that I enjoyed my second chance. I can't worry about a relapse.


someonewhocares said...

I have an enormous amount of faith that you are coming out of this dark hole and into a new world as a renewed person! You WILL NOT RELAPSE I tell you! Those words do not need to be in your vocabulary! This world needs you Ann and so does your family. You are such an inspiration and a fighter. You just glow Ann!!! We need you to glow! I am sure you have a totally different outlook on life than before the leukemia. god works in mysterious ways Ann and I know He wants you to stick around!
Much LOVe to you and Chris! Chris God Bless you, you are a ROCK! And you ROCK too!!!!!!


Nancy said...

I'm with Ashley on this one. Relapse doesn't belong in our vocabulary!!! But, still be careful not to catch those scary germs... you know the drill. I carry Purell with me everywhere I go!!! I wash my hands probably over 100 times a day. Keep up the great work. Chris is worried and rightfully so. You've come too far so just be careful and go LIVE IT UP!!! (Chris, continue to keep an eye on Ann... she's a LIVE one!! And... we want to keep her that way... so, don't let down your guard! You are doing a superb job.) love, nancy

Wiley said...

Live! Love! Laugh! Live the life that God has given you and have a great time doing it! That's the best way! You have no idea how delighted I am to hear that you are doing well! You remain in our hearts and prayers.