Monday, December 29, 2008

Sorry for the lack in posting, but the internet connection has been very intermittent. Chris joked that it was like living in the 80's again. Sad to say, but I discovered that I'm addicted to the connection.

Things have remained relatively quiet save for one recurring problem. I haven't mentioned it before, but after my last visit with the GvHD specialist, I developed some serious pain in my knees. I awoke the night after the visit in agony with a throbbing ache in my right knee. It felt like I had hyper-extended it, then whacked it with a mallet for good measure. The knee was swollen with a small bruise on it. Chris applied ice to it and after a few hours I was able to sleep again in relative comfort.

Each night after, I would wake up around the same time to the same pain, except now it had hold of both knees. It resolved a few days after we got back to Baton Rouge and my doctor is aware of it. I've been able to sleep through the night with no problems for the last three nights. Last night, not so much. My knees are currently still bothering me, so Chris has ordered that I stay in bed and not move around. Easier said than done.

My doctor told me to head to the ER if the pain becomes unbearable. If I can live with it, she'll take a look at it on the fifth when I go in for a check up. I'll just wait. Until then, I'm trying not to think of what it could be or might be. It is what it is and no amount of fretting on my part is going to change anything.


Anonymous said...

Try to look at the next few days of rest as a mini vacation- well with throbbing pain:)! Sorry you have to deal with any of this on top of everything. I am with you about doing anything to avoid the ER.

How did the bread come out? Any good recipes to share?
Happy 2009-

Samantha MacRae said...

Hi Ann,

Sorry you are suffering with the knee pain.

Graham too has had knee problems and we found out yesterday that he has a gram negative bacteria in his rght knee which they are going to wash out today.

Don't want to scare you but remain vigilent, these things can turn around quick (as you know :)).


Ronni Gordon said...

My legs did really weird things after I was in bed for a while, even though I had been walking and not staying in bed. I got such terrible cramps I could barely stand. You could just have bed-itis. I hope you get out of bed even if just to put weight on your legs for a few minutes at a time. If it's hard for you to not move around at all, maybe your body is telling you that you need to move around a bit though not too much.
Dr. Ronni

Anonymous said...

A few months out after my BMT, I got the same type of excrutiating knee pain you're talking about. Mine was a result of my weakened core muscles. They were even worse than I thought after all that prednisone, levaquine, etc. and after months in horizontal positions.

Because they were so weak, they were forcing my knees to do more work than they could handle. This was hard to figure out because my pain came at night when I hadn't been doing anything.

I've been doing a lot of work on building back those core muscles and it's working for me. Maybe this will work for you.

Hang tough.