Friday, December 12, 2008

I awoke sometime after midnight to a severely throbbing knee. Chris was still awake, so he took a look and found that my right knee was swollen. There was also a small bruise that I don't remember getting. I took two pain killers which didn't help. Chris put an ice pack on it and after a few hours the pain was gone.

This morning I had a little stiffness in the joint and there's still a small amount of swelling. Chris called my APN to report the incident and see what we should do. I didn't feel like it was an emergency room situation, but it was a strange enough occurrence that we both thought we should report it. My regular APN was out, but the nurse subbing for her offered to have a look at it if we wanted to come in. Since it no longer hurt I elected to sit tight.

I honestly don't remember bumping into anything, but the bruise had to come from somewhere. We'll keep an eye on it, but I'm hoping it doesn't merit anything more than a footnote.


Judy Lindahl (Julindy) said...

Hi Ann and Chris, miss hearing from you guys on the LLS board. I decided to check on you here. Things sound basically good. I think back to when you made the decision to go through this transplant and am amazed that the time has passed and that you have done so well Ann, all things considered. Chris,sorry about the job. If you can endure what you have had to with Ann's health you can endure anything. Keep us posted. I miss your updates and am sure others do too. We get the results of John's 2 1/2 yr. restaging tests on Monday and I am only moderately freaking out because he seems so good, knock wood, knock wood. It's the first time I am this close to test results and not spending all my time in the bathroom.Which actually makes me kind of nervous. Why aren't I nervous??? Can't win with me; I'm either nervous or nervous because I'm not nervous.Chris, I know you can relate. I have been empathizing with you as the spouse who loves the patient from the first time I heard about you two lovebirds. Wishing you a long, long time ahead with as few complications as possible, only little ones (the kind that walk and talk). May all your dreams come true. Stay in touch. Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Ann, let us know what happened with the bruising incident. I always feel better after calling and getting seen.

Keep on trucking away- great work!!