Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chris and I were the only people who showed up for the discharge class on Tuesday. The APN in charge of teaching the class was very nice, and I'm sure she tailored the class to suit the fact that I'd already been through this once before. I only learned one new thing. You shouldn't smoke marijuana because it's not processed in such a way as to eliminate molds and fungi. You're not supposed to be around anyone who does when you're post transplant for the same reasons. Color me crazy, but I couldn't imagine wanting to jeopardize my transplant that badly. I know there are patients who live a certain lifestyle before being diagnosed and they refuse to give up certain things just because they're being treated for cancer. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see someone pulling an IV pole behind them while smoking in the designated area in front of MDA. These are all adults who are going to make their own decisions. I'd rather do everything in my control to ensure that I'm around for another half century.

I had labs early this morning, followed by an appointment in the ATC. My liver function tests showed that my enzymes are trending back down toward normal. They're still a little high, but Dr. Kebriaei was very positive about the numbers. The bad news is that we have to stay in Houston for another week. I have to continue IV cancidas through Monday. I'll have labs drawn that morning to see what's going on. The good news is that I'll have my catheter removed the same day. I have the orders for it in hand.

I'll restart an oral anti-fungal on Monday in addition to reducing the amount of tacrolimus I take. The v-fend affects tacro absorption, which is why the team is trying to balance the two. Wednesday, I'll go into clinic to see Dr. Kebriaei to get the lay of the land and possibly finally be discharged. I don't mind being in Houston, but our funds are dwindling and maintaining an apartment in Houston tends to get a little expensive.

With everything going on today, we ended up being an hour late for my appointment with Dr. Alousi. The visit was a follow up to see what was going on with my GvHD. The rash on my face and leg have completely resolved. I have developed a small spot of skin GvH on my lower back which is slowly going away. My joints have responded to the steroids and they're no longer tight or uncomfortable. I know this could all change since I've been tapering steroids for the last month. I'll be on steroids through April of next year according to my taper schedule.

I think that covers just about everything that's happened in the last two days. I don't have anything on the books through the weekend so things should be quiet.


susiegb said...

Look on the bright side! Even though you have to stay around in Houston for a few more days, it's still really good that your liver enzymes are going down again, your catheter is coming out on Monday and the GvHD isn't troubling you at the moment.

Sounds like a good result to me. :)

PJ said...

I knew that about marijuana but can't remember which concerned medical personnel made sure to inform me of it.

Hang in there Chris and Ann. You're getting closer to freedom.

Wiley said...

Congrats, kiddo! I'm delighted to hear that your GvHD is looking like it's trying to resolve itself and that your liver enzymes are getting back where they belong. It's wonderful news. I know that having that catheter out will also be a big relief for you. I'm delighted to hear it. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


I'm a bit disappointed in the marijuana thing. Sounds like after you aced the breathing exercises that you'd be excellent at bong hits.


Susan C said...

I wonder if toffee and chocolate marijuana candy is allowed. A friend brought be a bag from an authorized dealer.