Saturday, December 6, 2008

I only had one appointment yesterday and it was late in the afternoon, so it was hard to get motivated and moving. It was for complete pulmonary testing and if you've never done it, you don't know what you're missing. You get to sit in a sealed booth and run through a series of breathing exercises. My favorite is the one where you have to pant into a tube then expel all of the air in your lungs. I find it to be a very unnatural action, but I've had so many CPT's that I can do it like a pro. I finished the complete series in under fifteen minutes. The tech told me I was a pro. This may be my new calling in life. If only I could find someone to pay me to breathe.

I passed with flying colors, so that's one more positive tick on the discharge checklist.

I have to go in for a blood draw on Monday. The plan is for my transplant APN to call me as soon as the test results are in to let me know what the plan for the rest of the week will be. Not surprisingly, my magnesium levels will dictate what happens. I haven't had a magnesium infusion since Thursday, so I'm a little on edge about it. I've done some research and found that vitamin C is supposed to help with magnesium absorption.

Chris picked up some chewable vitamins yesterday and I've been dutifully consuming them. Sadly, they aren't anything like the Flintstone's chewables of my childhood. They taste like sickly sweet orange juice squeezed from evil oranges. Oranges that have gone over to the dark side and are reaping revenge for their citrus bretheren. I can't stop myself from making crazy faces every time I eat one. Chris tried one and pronounced it disgusting. About five minutes later he ate two more. I didn't even have to dare him.


Ronni Gordon said...

I hated that pulmonary testing. I had to do it before transplant. I didn't quite understand the purpose. It seemed like I needed to prove I was healthy enough to go through transplant. So if you're not healthy enough to pass the tests then you can't get the transplant? It seemed odd. Obviously yours at this point are for a different purpose. Congratulations on being such a good breather!

PJ said...

Thanks for my first laugh of the day. Better hide those vitamins from Chris.

Anonymous said...


I use to "steal" one or two of those Flinstone vitamins when I was babysitting- they were so YUMMY. I had not idea about the vitamin c/mag connection.

Great work on the PFT!!
Keep going strong!

Tina said...

you should get those gummi vitamins.

Wiley said...

Breathing is agood thing! Keep it up! Soon you will be able to breathe non-hospital air all you want! We're pulling for you!