Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and very Happy New Year!

If you make just one resolution this year, please register with the NMDP if you haven't already. Order a kit and potentially save a life. Registering only takes a few minutes and it only involves swabbing the inside of your cheek. No needles, no pain. There are so many people waiting for a bone marrow transplant and you could potentially be the one to save a life. Imagine getting to be someone's superhero and all you had to do was exist.

Susan wrote a really great article and blog post about the need. You should check it out.

I'll probably be asleep before 11pm, so raise a glass for me! :)


Susan C said...

Now that would be a great New Years present if every single eligible person reading your blog signed up to be a donor.

I'll raise my glass to you and Chris tonight.

PJ said...

Cheers, Ann. I'm going for midnight but who knows?