Monday, May 18, 2009

Rashes and allergies

The rash on my face is getting smaller, but is still easily noticed. I applied a little cortisone cream to it and that seems to be keeping the itching under control. As for the rest of me, I don't think there's enough cortisone in the house to cover all of the itchy areas. I'm not displaying a rash on the rest of my body and the itchy spots come and go in random intervals and they aren't contained to any particular spot. This morning I woke myself up scratching my neck and chest. Currently, my scalp is making me a little crazy. I think the only spot that hasn't itched today is the bottom of my left foot.

Chris is concerned that the itching is increasing in frequency and wondered if I shouldn't start taking Atarax. I don't feel like the itching has increased, per se. It still comes and goes in waves and up until this weekend it alternated between being mild and intense on a day to day basis. It seems that the last two days have been filled with more intense moments. I still feel that the discomfort is manageable without drugs and like I've said before, I'd rather feel this mild variety of GvHD and know that it's in residence. I know of another patient who is constantly under attack from the "itchies", so much so that it interferes with his quality of life. He and his wife, Betsy, cope with such grace that I can't even imagine grousing about my small discomfort.

The scaly, dry patch on my forehead is about the size of a nickel and holding steady. I'm trying to keep it moisturized and am doing my best not to scratch it. I think I'm also developing scaly patches on my eyelids. It's a little difficult to tell right now, but if they're going to manifest, it will be in the next few days.

We're eleven days out from potentially closing on the house and hit a bit of a snag with the financial paperwork. Our loan officer is pretty fabulous and I think she has it all straightened out. I have my fingers crossed that the shadow looming over my head is a passing rain cloud and not the other shoe waiting to drop.

I'd like to thank all of my friends--especially including those that I haven't met in person, but hope to one day, for keeping me sane over the past month. It's been quite a mixed bag and so many of you have reached out and offered support and kindness. I'd just like you all to know that I really appreciate every one of you. Thank you.


Nancy said...

I had the same itchy episodes. They seem to be diminishing in frequency and intensity as time passes. So, the good news is it'll get better. I didn't hesitate to take the antihistamines. They gave me Vistaril and it helped me sleep! It was a welcome rest! (Teenagers keep terrible hours and some parents can't sleep until their kids are home! That's me.)

Hope you feel better soon. I keep thinking of you and Chris and your upcoming home-ownership date. Good luck to you both. Keeping everything crossed for you! n

Ronni Gordon said...

I have the itchy problem also! Mostly it's my back. They said they didn't see anything, so it's probably dry skin. But it's not really the weather for dry skin. I have used a body wash that you can get in a natural foods store (do you have Whole Foods)? It helps cut the itch. I can't remember the exact name but it's something like Psorisal and is obviously made for psoriasis even though that's not what this it. Good luck! An itch can make you crazy.

Anonymous said...

Itchiness could very well be gvhd and you are right, a little is a nice feeling (does that not make sense)- but you know the leukie cells are being watched!

I hope you do find some relief and I am blown away with how well you are doing under fire!


geminirorie said...

wow i know what your saying i dislike and allergies but yet its hard to fight off. you and i have some good things in common we both had rashes on our face but mine is still big well kind of. well comment back on my page and see if you like it thank you