Sunday, May 17, 2009

GvHD on the face

Today, I'm developing a rash on my right cheek. It itches like you wouldn't believe and I'm doing my best not to scratch it. I've also developed a dry, scaly patch on my forehead just above my left eyebrow. I have an appointment with my local oncologist and I'll discuss it with him. Unless it gets out of control, I should be able to manage it with cortisone.

On a more positive note, Chris and I went out exploring around our soon to be new neighborhood. We discovered a gelato shop not too far from the house which I think is going to be hell on my weight. We also noticed a sign heralding the forthcoming opening of a new branch of my favorite doughnut shop in the next shopping center over. If only Chris could convince the owner of Paradise Smoothie to open a bubble tea shop on our soon to be side of town, my favorite snack foods triumvirate would be complete. :)


Susan C said...

Oh, I'm so excited for the nearby food adventures in your new neighborhood. I (almost) always make it a point to walk for gelato, since it's only about .75 mile away. I figure it's close to a calorie wash.

And nothing like a good, fresh doughnut, with "fresh" being the operative word.

I hope you can manage to control the itches. It must be intense!

Nancy said...

I left a comment on your last post about the itching! oops.

I was just curious, what is your favorite doughnut shop? What is your favorite doughnut that they sell? I like Krispy Kreme but also like our local Dunkin Donuts. I'm a sucker for the chocolate bar or the apple fritter. I try to visit seldomly so that my clothes don't shrink! ha ha : )

Hope your itching subsides soon!

Ann said...

Hey Nancy,

I adore Krispy Kreme! My favorite doughnut shop is local to the Lafayette/Baton Rouge area. It used to be called Meche's and for the life of me I can never remember what it's been renamed. My favorite doughnut of theirs is the plain, old glazed one. It literally melts in your mouth on contact. I could happily eat a dozen, and have been known to on occassion. I don't know if they still do, but before I was diagnosed, they used to do a doughnut king cake. Imagine a king cake made of doughnut dough and topped with glaze and colored sugar. Diabolical.
I think I'm having a Homer Simpson moment. :)

Nancy said...

OMG! For the first time, I'm glad you don't live closer! jk... We would be eating doughnuts all day together and would have to roll ourselves to our doctors appointments! YIKES!!!

I never heard of a King Doughnut cake!!! hmmmm sounds completely dangerous!

Catch you later Homer!

peezlie said...

Oh my gosh, Ann, those are all my favorite snacks too!!!