Monday, May 11, 2009

More House News

It's been almost a week and we're slowly sliding toward our end goal of once again being home owners. Chris and I are waiting for the seller's response to our repairs request. I promise, we kept it sane and only asked for the "major" things that really should be operational before you move into a place. Remember, Chris is an engineer and I'm a construction nut so there are certain things that we tend to focus on. Minor cosmetic things, I could care less about. I'll get to those things in due time. We should know something by tomorrow night, I hope. Right now, I think we're trying to beat the "curse of the home purchase".

There are eighteen days until we potentially close. This is house number three in two years. I'm sincerely hoping to break this weird cancer streak once and for all and move forward with our lives. I've already put together a long range plan for home improvements. It's giving Chris a nervous twitch, as he believes he'll be spending every available weekend either on a ladder or holding a power tool. You should have seen his face when I told him that I'd come up with a landscaping plan for the back yard. He is not an outdoors kind of guy and whenever I wanted to do anything remotely green at the last house, I was mostly alone. Don't get a bad impression of the love and light of my life. He gladly suffered many hours at local nurseries while I dithered over which plant would do best in our shady little garden. He happily carried bags of soil and mulch. He could even be counted on to dig the really big holes when I needed him, but the minute it looked like I could be self sufficient, he was in the house like a shot.

Trust me, I have my share of "honey-don't" chores. When he tiled the kitchen floor, I couldn't get away fast enough. I can't stand the feel of mastic on my hands and I swear that I can hear the sand in grout as it scrapes across stone. The sound makes my teeth itch.

Lucky for Chris, I still can't be out in the sun for extended periods of time and the small backyard of our potential new house is riddled with mature trees. You literally cannot take five steps without running into one. They're right on top of the house and will eventually need to be removed before the root systems start to wreak havoc on the concrete slab. That's a project that calls for a professional and can wait on a distant day.

The landscaping in front of the house is a bit slap-dash and relies heavily on evergreen shrubs. The plants are all mature, so I'm guessing the house's original owners get credit there. That's another project that will have to wait until I'm healthy enough to tackle it. As it stands, I can just lift twenty pounds, so I can't imagine the effort it's going to take to relocate a twelve year old sago palm.

On the health front, I've been managing to stay fever free. I still have small patches of GvHD on my arms and torso. My new immune system seems focused on my skin. It seems to constantly itch in shifts. Some days it's minor and confined to a small area. Yesterday, I was scratching from head to toe all day long. My local doctor offered me something to help, but I demurred. Right now, I'm just happy to know that the donor cells are doing something. I can bear the itching, so long as I'm getting a GvL response. If the itching becomes unbearable, I'll give in and take an anti-histamine, but for right now, I'm enjoying the little inconvenience. It lets me know that I'll get to be here for another day.


Nancy said...

Sounds like you are getting closer to your goal every day. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both! Also, remember that you are immunosuppressed, so try not to get exposed to soil and dirt too soon as they carry molds, mildews, and fungi (aspergillius) which can lead to lung infections/pneumonia.

Keep us posted! You are on your way! : )

Ann said...

Nancy, I promise that I won't do any illicit gardening, even though I'm itching to pot some orchids for the new place. I'll stick to the silk variety until the doctors give me clearance to roll around in the mud. :)

Nancy said...

Thanks Ann. That's comforting You've come so far and it's not worth putting your health at risk (even though I can truly appreciate a beautiful garden and landscape!)

Take care and rest up! Keep those masks handy when you do make the move! : )

Tina said...

You know I would love to lend my green thumb when you need it. If this house goes through (fingers crossed), I am more than happy to spend a weekend in b.r. so you can garden by proxy.

Ann said...

Tina, that's just another one of the many reasons I love you.

Susan C said...

I'm so excited about the progress you're making with your health and with your life. This is such a great step.

And I know you'll listen to "Mama Nancy."