Friday, May 15, 2009

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday, which started out perfectly normal. About an hour after eating lunch, I started to get that familiar feeling that screams food poisoning. I haven't really suffered with food poisoning since my initial diagnosis, but when you've been through it once, you can't forget the feeling. I became nauseated and my stomach was twisting itself into acidic knots. After everything that I've been through, I've developed an aversion to throwing up. I'd rather suffer through managing nausea. Call me a glutton.

By the time Chris got home from work, I was feeling a little better, but the ever present churning feeling was still with me. He suggested that I might feel better if I just let go and vomited. I knew he was right and after hours of minor misery I realized that I was just being stupid. I did the deed and immediately felt 100% better.

I think Chris felt better, too, since he was able to rule out something more nefarious. My temperature remained stable for the rest of the night and I'm feeling like myself today. Sometimes a thing is what it is and no amount of worrying can build it up into something it's not.

Coincidentally, I had my doctor's appointment moved up a week. I'd just rather get it out of the way so I can dedicate the week after next to getting all things house related done. Fourteen days and counting.


Susan C said...

So relieved to hear of your quick recovery.

And glad you were able to reschedule your doctor's appt.

Just saw Chris's tweet about going out to the movies. What did you see?

Rooster said...

Ann i'm glad your feeling better. They say the 3rd time is the charm... You know your body better than the doctors by now, I am sure things wll be fine stay positive in this battle I am learning that attitude is everything.

Nancy said...

What did you eat that made you sick??? Glad you got better. I was scared just reading your posting, I can't imagine how you felt!!! Take it easy, cook at home, and pretend you are still on a low-bac diet!!! Love ya and know that I only want you to stay well!!!

BTW, I'm curious, too. What movie did you see?