Monday, May 4, 2009

House update

I confirmed an appointment to have the house inspected this week. Slowly, but surely, we're creeping toward resuming living in the "real" world. Please cross your fingers that there are no alien swarms lurking in the attic, or jabberwockies in the linen closets. I'll settle for the mundane little fixes that Chris and I can tackle with a five minute trip to the hardware store and an hour long debate on which of us has the better solution. :)


Nancy said...

Sounds like all is well!!! Great news and definitely moving forward into independence. Keep up the informative updates. We're all pulling for you to be healthy and safe as you draw nearer to "moving day!" Good luck with the inspection! love, n

Lea Morrison said...

such normalcy in your posts my dear- i love it!

you know you are getting well when your husband is going to challenge you on the better way to do a house project. you are legit baby- look out!


Samantha MacRae said...

Best of luck Ann. Looking forward to seeing you in the "real" world. :)

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I hope 5/29 is as lucky a day for you as it has been for us (Klara was born 5/29/08). Good luck with the inspection. Leal & Georg