Monday, January 19, 2009

We just got back from a visit to my local oncologist and I can report that my numbers are fine. My white blood cell and absolute neutrophil counts are elevated but that's still due to the steroids. It was really nice to see Jennifer and Dr. Bienvenu again after so many months away. As usual, the waiting room was packed and I was odd man out wearing a surgical mask. It still amazes me that there are people in there actively undergoing chemo and not taking precautions. Do their doctors not warn them or do they choose to ignore the advice?

I managed to finish the beret that I was knitting for a friend's little one. I even blocked it so that it looked less like a smurf cap and more like a beret. Pictures will be forthcoming after I mail it off and have comfirmation that it's been received.

There were one or two episodes with my knees last week, but they were so minor, I didn't think that they bore noting. Besides, I brought it on myself by staying on my feet for too long.

Chris is in charge of dinner tonight, so I plan on taking a small nap and expending the minimum amount of energy required of me today.


PJ said...

Glad today's appointment went well. Keep things boring!

Susan C said...

Can't wait to see the baby beret.

A nap and dinner made by someone else sound lovely.

Renee said...

Glad to hear about the good appointment and counts. Taking hematology right now, so I now understand what things like "absolute/relative counts" mean!