Monday, January 26, 2009


My niece, with whom I'm living, just got the official word that she has pink eye. Insert paranoid scream here. According to the doctor she'll be contagious for the next two days. This means that we'll be isolated from each other for the next few days. I can find humor in this since we just had a lengthy conversation with each other from the relative safety of our rooms. Imagine the two of us yelling across the house to each other. The neighbors must think we're insane.

I've sent an email to my transplant nurse to see what further precautions the team wants me to take, if any. On the cat front, there appears to be a lack of squiggly little parasites, so I'm going to assume that the shots worked.

I'm currently working on a knitting project for myself and it's making me feel like Sisyphus. The whole project should have taken less than a week and yet it keeps dragging on due to mistakes on my part. I keep getting to the same point and having to rip back an inch almost daily. This morning I was feeling pretty smug about being almost done when I noticed a dropped stitch that was slowly unraveling down the side of the hat. Now I have to fix it. Grrrrr. At least I'll have something to do while I'm on lock down.


Susan C said...

I didn't realize that your niece was under the same roof. I can just picture you yelling at one another from a safe distance.

I had a nightmare the other night about finding worms in my poo. Now I remember what triggered it!

PJ said...

Don't share mascara!

LacubriousOne said...

Get some goggles!

Wiley said...

Walkie-Talkies!! Get a pair of wlkie-talkies and throw one to the neice. Keep the other. Be well and flourish!

Renee said...

Ahh! I really hope you're able to avoid the pink eye (which I should find out if you did momentarily since I'm a little behind in my reading!) Your screaming conversations between rooms kind of reminded me of how my college roomate and I used to instant message each other even though we were in the same dorm room!