Friday, January 9, 2009

I awoke sometime before dawn to the sound of the neighbor's great danes barking and whining across the street. I listened to them for a few minutes before I realized that they weren't the reason for my wakefulness. There was something rattling around in my head trying to work its way up from the crevices of my memory and until it did, I knew there would be no more sleep. By the time the sun started to come up I realized it was January 9. It's the two year anniversary of my diagnosis.

I must have made the unconscious decision not to attach any significance to the thought, because I promptly fell asleep and slept until 8. The rest of the day was spent knitting and puttering around the kitchen. Chris and I had a date to make pita, but it somehow never happened. It will keep until tomorrow.

Maybe being able to say something like that is the most important thing that I will take from today.


Anonymous said...

Happy (is that the wrong or right word) canncerversary. You have lived, fought and made this world better in those two years.

Tomorrow (Jan 10) is 3 years since my DX. Bittersweet.

PJ said...

Keep making plans, Ann.

Wiley said...

Make Plans and live your life. You've earned it!