Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steamed Dumplings

Here is a picture of the steamed dumplings we made this weekend. I wish I had a clever story or pretend that they are some sort of thematic device, but in truth they're just dumplings. Enjoy.


Susan C said...

As Freud would say, sometimes a dumpling is just a dumpling.

The look delish.

Tina said...

I'm coming over for dinner.

Nancy said...

They look wonderful. I just love dim sum.... When I clicked on your blog, I had to take a double take. I thought I accidentally clicked on Susan's blog. Great job Ann and great photo (like Susan's great pics) You're making me hungry and I'm not allowed to eat until 2010 after all the Holiday and New Year's spread that I consumed!! yikes!!
love, nancy

Wiley said...

I'm jealous! And hungry! I love good dumplings! Keep up the good work Ann.