Saturday, January 24, 2009

After one missed flight, a mechanical problem with the plane, and some lost luggage, Chris is back safe and sound. He's currently ensconced on the couch watching Sponge Bob and fending off Etsuko who has worms. That's right, she has worms.

I made the discovery yesterday while home alone and thought, "Of all the times for something like this to happen." I know how the worms are transmitted, so I knew the likelihood of me contracting them was low, but nonetheless. I have the unfortunate distinction of being the slowest moving thing in the house, so you can usually find either Pez or Etsuko draped over me or in my lap. The cats in my lap, I don't mind. The cats plus their wiggly little passengers, I do.

Chris, Dixie and I brought the two girls to the vet this morning to take care of business. I stayed out in the car just to be safe. The vet assured Chris that the cats should be worm free in 24 hours.

I've recently realized that I haven't been writing about some of the side effects that I've been experiencing since this last transplant. I suppose that they've become so ingrained into my daily life that I take them for granted.

Some days, my hands shake uncontrollably. It gets to the point that I can't write legibly or hold knitting needles. Most days, it's just a fine tremor. If I try to hold my hands still, I can feel the muscles in my shoulders begin to shake as well. It's a surreal feeling not being able to control your fine motor skills. My transplant doctor says it's a combination of Prograf and steroids.

For the most part, I find the side effects funny in a ha-ha sort of way. My face, neck, and abdomen are puffy from the steroids and to be absolutely honest, it doesn't bother me. I know it's not permanent and will go away once the steroids stop. I've also run into a little steroid induced acne which I don't love. I feel like I've already been through that phase in my life. The do over isn't so bad, but who really likes to deal with a pimple.

My most favorite side effect of this medication is the luxurious hair growth. The hair on top of my head is coming in much more quickly than it did with the last transplant. I almost have a head full of quarter inch long hair. Unfortunately, the luxurious hair growth doesn't stop on my head. I've developed quite the man-stache and I suspect that my sideburns/beard will be the envy of many a twelve year old boy. I am not exaggerating and know that there are others of you out there who are experiencing the same thing. Chris was calling me "Fuzzy P" for a short period of time. It was that bad. Past tense since I got my hands on some cold wax strips.

With all of that being said, I know I have it easy. I'm doing well and staying out of the hospital. Chris just got back from his job interview and maybe something good will come of that. Since I promised to reveal all, it was in Kentucky.


Judy said...

Ann, you'd be cute with a mustache,sideburns and a goatee! I just started a blogspot and you are the only person on my list so now I can get updates. It was quite hard figuring out how to do it. I THINK it is Could you test it out for me and be my first poster? Thanks. Love, Judy

Nancy said...

Hi Ann. You look marvelous fuzzy or not. I remember the uncontrollable trembling of the hands. The more I tried to not spill something in a cup bringing it towards me, the more I actually spilled. I remember thinking to myself, "is this what it feels like when you have parkinson's disease?" It will go away when you reduce the dosage of prograf. Atleast, I thought it was the prograf, but in hindsight, it could've also been the combination with the "roids." Some of my friends got the acne, but I think I dodged that bullet. It'll pass. Hang in there. You are doing well and these little things will be a thing of the past in a short while!

Glad Chris made it back with or without luggage. Kentucky??? wowie... Hope it works out for him.. please keep us posted.

Love you both lots, n

Susan C said...

Kentucky? Blue grass, mint juleps and the Derby on one end; dead grass, sweet tea and dueling banjos on the other end of the spectrum.

Do you know what drug causes the facial fuzzies? 'Roids? I never had a 'stache before, but now I must have my upper lip waxed (or threaded) on a regular basis.

Glad Chris had a safe trip and a good interview (I hear) in spite of the bumps in the flight.

Anonymous said...


I hope you stay worm free!!

You are a pro at this and know that these things WILL go away when you are on a lower dose of roids and hopefully the TAC too. I am back on 60MG of pred myself so I can totally relate to the puffy facial hair faced. Good news that the hair on your head is growing so fast. Mine not so much!

You had gorgeous hair to start off with too. Keep going sister- you are doing great.

Rooster said...


I am laying here in my hospital bed & I can't stop giggling about your post. You have such a good sense of humor about your side effects & that is the best medicine for a speedy recovery. I hope the squiggly little friends are gone so you don't have to worry about them & hopefully good news will follow from the interview.


Jim said...

You look beautiful, Anne. Dori had the steroid shakes and mustache, which she really disliked. It goes away, of course. Glad to see your lovely smile. Jim

Renee said...

Ann, you are such a trooper. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!