Thursday, January 22, 2009

I took another step toward normal today when I dropped Chris off at the airport. Of course I couldn't go in with him, but I felt well enough to drive there and back which is a small victory. I won't say where Chris flew off to, but will say that it was for a job interview. He comes back tomorrow night and I know he'll be exhausted with all of the flying and driving that he'll have to pack into two days.

While he's away, I've promised to stay out of trouble. No running with scissors or licking door knobs for fun. This is the longest that we've been away from each other since this entire cancer saga began and I know it's hard for him not to be able to "see" that I'm well. I'll do my level best not to instigate an internal coup against my graft while he's gone. I'm staying hydrated and taking my temperature at intervals. I've done all that I plan on doing of significance today, so he can rest assured that I'll be taking it easy. He's left me in good hands with Dixie. She's already checked in. Pez and Etsuko are keeping me company while studiously pretending the other doesn't exist.

Just another lazy day around the Gregory household.
As an aside, can you believe how puffy the steroids have made my face?


Anonymous said...

A major step for BOTH of you, Ann & Chris!! Crossing fingers and toes for Chris, wherever his journey leads him today. And as for you, Ann? The only thing I notice is how BEAUTIFUL you look inside and out! Puffy, yes, but nothing deters from that lovely smile you always wear. Thanks for sharing that, even if I'm hornin' in on a smile meant for your dear hub!


Susan C said...

You're a cute chipmunk, Ann. Wendy's right - the steroids don't detract from your beauty.

Now I'm so curious. Is Chris flying to LA? I wish he'd call if he is. I'd meet him anywhere (and I'm sure Nancy would too.)

Nancy said...

You are as adorable as ever! You still have your winning smile! Let us know how Chris' job interview goes. If he's in or around Southern Cal, I'll be a little hurt if he doesn't call us. I'd like to see him and will drive to wherever he is! I can clear my schedule tomorrow (Friday) to meet up with him. Please let him know as I'm sure he'll call you... love and hugs to both of you! n

Rooster said...


You are beautiful, we all are, your hair is growing back in pretty good. I have the Chipmunk Cheeks right along with you & but I also have the chin, belly, arms, but & legs to go along with it. I enjoy your blog & when ZI am feeling well I keep up with it pretty good, but I had some catching up to do tonight & I felt half way decent so here I am. Keep up the fight!


Anonymous said...

I am getting there too Ann with the chipmunk face. The good thing about the roids- is they expand our faces so much there are no wrinkles to be found anywhere!!!

You look happy and healthy.

Ann said...

I promise he's not in California, otherwise he'd be calling both of you--Susan and Nancy. In fact, he'd probably wear you both out trying to pack in as many pho and banh mi places as he could into 4 hours. I promise to reveal where he was this weekend if all goes well.
Love to you both,

Susan C said...

I just took a new friend to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and then we went across the street for massages. (Out here, you can get a one hour foot and back massage for $20) Can't wait to do the same thing with you and Chris.

You'll love it!

Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations on having a little independence. It's one more step towards normalcy. I agree with everyone else. You look great!

Wiley said...

I'm glad that you're getting back to something approximating normalcy. I bet it feels great! I'm delighted to hear it! Keep up the good work!

PriestessT said...

Lazy and boring are good for what you've been through.

You look great and you'll only get better.

I'm praying for Chris.

Anonymous said...

You do look beautiful! My daughter Lyndsay is 23 is also part asian, had a 9 out of 10 MUD transplant on Sept 18th, her donor from Europe, and has the same amount of hair and the same chipmunk cheeks as you right now! I'll show her your picture when I take her computer to the hospital, Unfortunately, she was readmitted Monday for severe headaches and vomiting. Thought it was a tear in her colon, maybe GVHD, maybe lots of things, so MRI's catscans, lumbar punctures, endoscopies, &lots of other test, but she is doing better today. We love reading your blog.Just remember there are lots more chimpunk cheeks out there. Take care, Lisa N.

Judy L. said...

Ann, all we care about is that beautiful smile. How would you feel if you looked that way without steroids? I'm not sporting chipmunk cheeks but maybe too much holiday partying cheeks? You're tiny and will be again. I WAS tiny and am 5 ft. tall but getting pretty wide. Oh well. You're adorable anyway. Seeing you look happy makes for a priceless picture. Don't get into trouble. Tell Chris we all send regards. I used to get updates on you but don't anymore.
Do you or anyone know how to do that?My email is Love, Judy