Monday, September 29, 2008

Rougher This Time

Ann got released from the Hospital on Sunday just like Dr. Andreef predicted she would. Today was our first day of out-patient therapy/monitoring and apart from Ann needing potassium and magnesium it was pretty un-eventful. Unfortunately today also served to deliver more evidence that this transplant has taken an even larger toll on Ann than the first did.

I remember a year and a half ago when Ann and I used to almost, literally "bounce" on our way out of MDA after our out-patient visits. That’s not the case now. Today Ann had trouble walking at a moderate pace out of MDA, and we had to stop and let her rest for a minute. After catching her breath we proceeded out of the clinic with no other incident.

Ann says that it is just "rougher this time", and its just going to take time for her to build her capacity back up. I believe her and if anyone can do it I know she can. It still hurts to see her struggle with what was once effortless.


Anonymous said...

hello ann n chris

it has been quite a while,but i do still catch up on you guys.

i still hasnt stop praying for this transplant to be successful.


Susan C said...

Thanks for the update, Chris. I'm thrilled that Ann is home, but sorry to hear that things are rougher this time around.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that they sprung Ann loose and they would never had done that if they had questions. It makes "sense" that this time would be rougher but it does not make it any "easier" to watch or endure.

You are doing a great job (BOTH of you!)

Nancy said...

I was so happy to hear that you were out. Like Lea, I think they wouldn't have released you if they weren't sure it would be okay. So, enjoy your freedom and continue being careful of those nasty little germs out there!

Ann, hang in there. I used to think my motto was the song from Chicago... "Feeling stronger every day." (yes, i know, I'm dating myself...) So, those walks will get easier as you recover. Take care... love, nancy

Tina said...

soooooo happy you didn't have to make that stethoscope shiv, Ann. but really wished i could have stuck around another day to see your escape. :p it was great seeing you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it's such a struggle this time but perhaps now that you're in your own space again you're healing will be faster. Get good rest and indulge in trash TV. We won't think no less of ya.

Jim said...


Keep loving on Ann. She'll be back stronger. I know it hurts to watch your girl go through this, but remember girls are tougher than boys.


Wiley said...

It's great to see you out of the hospital, kiddo, I'm sorry that it's being tougher this time, but you can do it! We're still praying for ya!