Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Argghhh, food tastes funny no matter what I do to it. It's not the metallic taste I remember from days past, but more of a medicine flavor that is identical in everything that I try. I have to be able to eat solid food in order to get out of here and that wouldn't be a problem if it all didn't taste like pooh.

I cornered Dr. Andreeff today on when he'd be willing to let me go. He conferred with his team who all agreed on Sunday. So close, yet so far. On Monday, he was willing to jettison me on Wednesday. Of course he got vetoed because I was still hooked up to the PCA. I keep getting told to take things slowly and that's all fine in theory, but a patient person I am not.

I had a bit of an upset yesterday that I was really worried would hold me back. I couldn't stop vomiting and you don't want to know about the diarrhea. Nothing that I was given via IV helped with the nausea and I only managed a pitiful 3 hours of sleep last night due to side effects from regulan and compazine. I'm considering a nap today, but we'll have to see. I have a few things on the agenda like vital signs and getting my CVC bandage changed.

I'm too tired to ramble anymore so I'll leave everyone with my thanks for all of the prayers and positive thoughts and wishes. I hope I'm doing you all proud.


PJ said...

Ann, you are a wonder!

I'm sending you a cake, and it's taste won't concern you. Be sure to look inside for the saw and ladder. You know what to do ...

Tina said...

the good news is that you can put the food in your mouth now for it to taste weird! I am guessing that means those mouth sores are mostly or all gone? thank God!

Can't wait to seeeeee youuuuuuuuu!

PJ said...

"its" taste

Nancy said...

I'm still in shock. I know you can't wait to get outta there, but your counts are astounding! Why was I under lock and key for 81 days??? You are doing so well. It's unbelievable. I'm so happy for you and Chris. Take it easy girl. You'll be out of there before you know it. Then, will you go back to the apartment? Is it safe and clean following Ike? Just being my overcautious self... sorry. love ya, nancy

Susan C said...

Doing us proud?!? Oh, you don't even know how much, sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see your counts and your fight are up ready to get outta there. Now we have to make some food stay with you. Yesterday sounded tough!

Try to rest- I know the word "sleep" is almost impossible in a hospital.

Keep going girlie-

altadenahiker said...

I'm on your side.

Jim said...

"I hope I'm doing you all proud."

Like Susan said, you have no idea what your fight and grit means to this community.

Following this has been almost identical to Dori's BMT experience. The taste of food, the diarrhea, the exhaustion, the time in confinement. It is grueling, yet your will to battle, vent and share your experience is pure inspiration.

Fight on, girl!

Anonymous said...

Of course I am proud of you. You kick butt!!

continued best wishes to you both.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work you're doing on healing yourself. i hear much of houston is still without power and water so at least you can brush your teeth and flush after some of your troubles. hey, i'm trying to look on the bright side here.