Thursday, September 4, 2008

Delay (Day -2)

We found out one more thing about Ann's donor today. She is international and comes from a country across the international date line. We know this not because we were snooping around, but because we found out today that there is going to be a slight delay in the transplant.

It was scheduled to take place Friday afternoon sometime, but now has been moved to Saturday morning to allow for transport. One of the staff here explained that it sometimes takes a little bit longer for cells coming from overseas. So putting two and two together and using a bit of math, it narrows down the country the flight is coming from.

Because all of them have flight times over 18 hours to the US the ETA of the marrow would be somewhere around 1:00 AM Friday. Assuming that the cells are on the plane by roughly midnight our time. Because the doctors and nurses are at home and sleeping it makes sense that the transplant will wait until the first thing the next morning.


Nancy said...

Closest I can guess is that she may be donating her marrow right now!!! Bless her heart!!! What a lifesaving unselfish act of kindness. Isn't it a miracle??? We must be so thankful. Thinking about you both every minute!!! love, n

Anonymous said...

My cells arrived a day late but we did not have the heads up of the new date which made us pretty anxious!
Those new cells are being collected and Ann has another day "of rest"(that is a joke) to let her marrow get ready to accept those new healthy cells.

Thanks for the update-

Susan C said...

It's great news that things are proceeding, even though the time change creates a slight delay.

Like Nancy, I'm thinking of you both every minute and appreciate all the updates.


PJ said...

Ann, I'm sure you're taking this brief delay in stride. How do you feel physically? Thinking of you & Chris.

Anonymous said...

So close! I hope everything goes smoothly. I'm sure you both will be feeling better in no time! I love you and miss you!

- Paige

Jim said...

As they say on ESPN, you guys are as cool as the other side of the pillow. Thanks for keeping us posted, Chris. Keep up the grit and determination, y'all.

Wiley said...

Hey, We're thinking of ya up here! You're in our prayers. Keep it up!

K said...

Ann and Chris,

I'm a long-time lurker of your blog, reading from back home in Baton Rouge. Just wanted to send my very best wishes to both of you this morning as Ann undergoes her transplant. Thinking about both of you today.

Kelly L.
Baton Rouge

Anonymous said...

Ann & Chris,
Just wanted you both to know that I am thinking about you. Best wishes this morning as Ann undergoes her transplant. Positive thoughts and prayers sent your way.