Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Day +17

A picture says a thousand words...

Ann is now officially engrafted. The new donor code named "0736" has fully taken over the duties of producing white blood cells. The reds and platelets will take a little longer, but should start appearing in a month or so (if all goes according to plan).

Sorry for the tardiness of this entry, but MDA's wifi (or airport if you have a mac) is working in the same sense that a square wheel works. I have tried to place this same post about ten times yesterday before giving up.

Anyway, Ann is feeling better and her mouth and throat sores are starting to heal. The 24 painkiller drip has been removed (after one really rough night and a bad trip) and she only has her PCA now. Thankfully she only needs that occasionally. She has even been able to try some solid food again, and hold it down.

That’s not to say everything has been smooth sailing this time around. Ann has developed a cough that comes on at night. She says it feels like mucus breaking up, but the physical act of coughing hurts some as well. Her lungs sound clear and she doesn’t have any other signs of an infection. So the working hypothesis is that this is a combination of the lesions in her throat healing and the mucosal tissue in her digestive system rebuilding itself and sluffing off the cells killed by the prepatory chemo.

I think that we will be in the hospital at least until they work out exactly what the cough is and Ann's sores heal up completely.


Susan C said...

What fabulous news!

And I LOVE these graphs, Chris. The first ones you posted stopped at 9-11, so I'm glad to see that you've now given us the whole, impressive picture.

I think I first knew you were my kind of guy the first time you talked about extrapolation and presented graphs after Ann's first transplant.

I'm working on a scene for my one-woman show called "I hate irrational numbers."

Anonymous said...

I know things are not perfect right now, but certainly very very encouraging! Two days of engraftment- looks like a trend to me. I hope they figure out what the cough is and you can fly the coop soon enough.

Michelle said...

woo hoo! Finally! That just made my day. Thinking about you two all of the time.


Nancy said...

Ann, you are amazing!! How do you do that? I still can't get a count like that!!! Congratulations.
I love the graphs... I hope that you continue to feel better and the couph subsides. Take Good Care. Love you both, n

Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations! That's great news. Where'd you get those graphs, anyway? Keep up the good work!

susiegb said...

Ooh, such great news! Well done all of you (including donor 0736!)


Jim said...

OUTSTANDING and I recall Dori wasn't so fond of the physical therapist visits (prior post). So many parallels ... Keep up the great work and enjoy the solid food. Woohoo! Jim