Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ann 3.0


The Tode Family said...

Good luck. My husband also had a transpant from MDA 4 years ago and he is doing very well today. You are in our prayers.


Tina said...

what a relief that this process from insurance approval to transplant went so much smoother than last time.

hope you get a great, sound, peaceful night of sleep while those new cells nestle in and start makin themselves at home.

Linda said...

Best Wishes, Ann, from Scotland. I'm presently recovering from my transplant and I wish you well. Here's to a quick and safe recovery.

Susan C said...

Great to see you looking so well, Ann. I hope you feel as good as you look!

Jim said...


We're happy the transplant went well, and you look and sound terrific. Keep punching and keep your indomitable faith in yourself, your caregivers, your doctors and nurses, and the Good Lord.

Love, Jim

Ronni Gordon said...

Hi Ann,
It was nice to hear your voice. Glad it went well. I read the post about the achy bones. So often we get symptoms and think they signal relapse, when there are so many other explanations we never even thought about.
Happy birthday!