Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When I first discovered a lot of the blogs I read today, I would check every day for a new posting. Then I would get impatient when some didn't post often enough for me.

Now that I am 5 months post transplant, I don't really have much to post on a daily basis. I've finished with my PTLD treatment for the time being and I'm just waiting for some upcoming appointments. I managed to make dinner today, and if the cat box wasn't in the same room as the washer and dryer, I'd do my own laundry. I desperately wanted to vaccuum, but I'm not allowed. I don't believe that makes for interesting reading, so I don't write about it on a daily basis. Otherwise, every day of this week would read as follows:

Got up. Showered. Got dressed. Ate. Brushed my teeth 3 times within 2 hours because I kept forgetting that I had already done it. Watched TV (or insert mindless activity here). Slept.

Doesn't make for an exciting read. I'll try to keep the posts frequent and will definitely post as I find things out, but I'm not sure if there will be anything before Friday.


Carilou said...

Well all I can say is thank Gawd that you're finally bored and don't have much to report. A few months ago I was praying that the excitement of your day would be a nap and making dinner.


Lee said...

As they say - no news is good news!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

pj said...

No guilt about not posting more often--it's not like you're Joyce Carol Oates! In our world, Ann, boring is very very good.

Nancy said...

Like I've always said, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!!! Ann, we're all addicted to your blog, so post if you want... we'll gladly read it even if you think it's boring. If you don't post, I'll assume everything is okay. I know that if something was happening... either good or bad, you or Chris would keep us informed. Take Care... be happy cuz boring is fantastic!!! love, nancy

Marian B said...

Ann & Chris,

I'm a transplanted BR native who now lives in NJ (I'm also a BRMHS grad, class of '77). I came to your blog from the link on the Advocate's website. Over the past few days, I've read it from beginning to end and I am completely in awe of your strength, and I'm so happy for you that you're doing so well. I think we're all afraid of the big C, and in some ways, almost as afraid of the treatment. I'm sure I would be such a wuss.

Thank you for sharing your journey, it has been very enlightening. I never really knew all the details involved with chemo or BMTs, so I've learned a lot here. You and Chris are very lucky to have each other, and I wish you many, many happy years together.

As an aside, I noticed that Pat Shingleton's wife is a friend of yours. I'll never forget when Pat first started doing the weather on TV because my grandfather would get so wound up over the way he would say things like "shares and thundershares". The weather was serious business, you see, and here comes Pat making little jokes about it. Well, that didn't go over well at all with him, but I sure got a chuckle out of it. Imagine someone getting all bent out of shape over something as silly as an irreverent weatherman.

He died of cancer in 1984. He had been sick for a while, but stubbornly refused to go to the doctor until it was too late. I still miss him a lot and I thank Mabyn Shingleton for making me remember one of my favorite memories of my grandfather.

Here's to continued success and to a very long and happy cancer-free life. You've definitely earned it!

Kim Phuong said...

Hello Ann,
My name is Phuong and I am a
friend of anh Tuan and chi Thao.
They've told me about your
blog site since last year when
they came and visited you in
Houston. I've been quietly reading
your blog since then and I just wanted to drop a note and say that you are the bravest woman I've known and your attitude about the
whole thing is amazing. Thank you
so much for sharing your story and I just know that in my heart you
and Chris will be enjoying life
together for a long long time.
Wishing both of you with the best
of everything.
Phuong from Dallas.