Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day +156

Like other days when there are no appointments scheduled, I have very little to report. We still haven't taken a picture of my new curls, but I promise one for tomorrow.

I finally managed to finish a book I started over five months ago and that's a milestone for me. I have three other books that I've started and put down. As it stands, I can't remember the titles, so I'm sure it's going to be a do over. As for things that I keep picking up, I picked up Laren's Christmas present again. I can't seem to concentrate long enough to get any knitting done. I managed to increase the project by three inches, but there is so much more to do. Laren, I will get this done, and you owe me Apollonia pictures. ;)

As Chris mentioned in the last post, my skin has become very dry. I've never really had this type of problem in my lifetime. Just the opposite. Now I find that I'm scaly from head to toe. Very pretty. When my doctor worried aloud that it might be a fungal infection, I wondered how that could be. How could you have a fungal skin infection covering every inch of your skin? That would be horrific. The moisturizer that was recommended seems to be working. The skin on my shoulders and legs seems to be healing and at no point have I suffered from itching. Of course, I seem to be the princess of obscure side effects and infections, so I'm not ruling anything out.

I have developed a chronic cough that is worrisome to all in my life. It started in the hospital this last go round as a small thing when I would go to bed. When I got horizontal I'd start to cough for a few minutes. It was over almost as soon as it began, but with each day, it started to get a little worse. We've lost friends who've had transplants to a "little cough." I've started to cough a little during the day and it was something that we thought significant enough to mention to my doctor. If you'll recall, I've complained of a cough before and it was resolved with claritin. Pesky post nasal drip and allergies. It turns out that I haven't been taking claritin for a few weeks now. Almost as long as the cough has persisted. Dr. Kebriaei discovered this on our last visit. I thought that I'd been taking claritin, but it turns out that Chris had stopped giving it to me. The last Pharm-D made it an "as needed" drug, so it got discontinued. Needless to say, we started it again yesterday and the cough has receded significantly.

Regardless of the success of resuming claritin, I still have to have a CT scan next week. The doctor doesn't want to take any chances because of the node in my lung. I remember when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, it all started with a cough. Another transplant doctor assured me that it probably wasn't lung cancer. How can you reassure someone using the word probably? Just a thought. And I'm definitely not looking forward to the iodine that they inject you with in order to achieve contrast in the imaging. It makes you hot and flushed and there is the sensation that you just wet yourself. On top of that, it's bad for your kidneys. My poor organs are so full of chemicals, I'd probably glow in the dark if you dissected me.

The one draw back to my starting claritin again is that it makes it hard for me to sleep regardless of when I take it during the day. I kept waking up last night for no apparent reason and it wasn't as if I wasn't lucid. Chris kept asking me what was wrong and I couldn't form a valid answer. I'm hoping for uninterrupted sleep tonight.

There is very little else to report. I'm determined to finish Laren's gift this weekend and then I'll pick up a project for myself. I watched a knitting show today and the advertised project was for beginners. It made me think that I needed to take a knitting class, because I just couldn't follow some of the stitches. Beginner indeed. I'm still determined to knit a sweater and have it finished by this time next year. Perhaps I'll just jump in and choose an intermediate project, so there.


Paige said...

I'm sure it's not lung cancer, Ann. I wish I were a doctor so that would be more reassuring for you. I can't wait to see the fro!

Tina said...

that contrast for imaging is terrible, i agree! i had it injected automatically in the middle of an mri once, i didn't realize it was the contrast going in (hello valium) and i thought my wrist exploded and was bleeding everywhere. it's a strange, strange sensation.

uh, nice images....sorry about that.