Monday, March 16, 2009

The training wheels came off last Friday and I'm starting to feel the effects. As the steroids leave my system, I find myself feeling a little more tired and a little less inclined toward doing twenty projects in one day. It has been a very slow progression and today was the first time that I felt like I needed a nap. Of course when I tried to take one, I didn't manage to sleep. The dryer alarm kept going off and I don't know how to fix it. Seriously, it buzzes fifteen minutes before your clothes are dry, then five minutes before, then at the end of the cool down cycle. Why is this? Will a bomb explode in an undisclosed location if the dryer doesn't do this?

I did feel refreshed after having a little lie down, but I'm starting to miss the artificial stimulus that steroids impart. I've managed to do one load of laundry today, and I'm considering making soup. I know that my current state is only temporary and that things will even out. It's just that I'm one of those people who likes immediate gratification.

On to other things...

Since Chris's return, we've discovered that the side of the truck involved in the wreck now leaks. The upholstery on the passenger side seat has water stains all over it. It hasn't helped that it's been raining here for the last four days. We're waiting for the dealership to call us to bring the truck in. The entire passenger side door and some panels have to be replaced, so the body shop had to order them. All told, the cost to repair the truck structurally added to the cost to fix it cosmetically equals a big chunk of change. Chris is already making noise about another car. More specifically, the antithesis of the truck. He keeps joking about trading it in. I told him that if he wants another car, then I plan on driving the truck until it falls apart from despair. He can sell my car and use the money for a down payment. Of course, this is all just talk, since there's no way we could float a car note just now.

Life is creeping toward normal. My face is a little less puffy. My midsection is still as puffy as it was a month ago leading me to believe that it really is fat and not water weight. Wii fit confirms this every time I do the body test. The stinking balance board is also a scale. My hair is growing back curlier than the first time. I still can't tell what color it's going to settle on, though. It's a healthy mix of salt and pepper. Today is Chris's first day at his new job and the cats have achieved an uneasy truce with one another. Life is still good.


Susan C said...

After I tapered off Prednisone, I went from sleeping six hours a night to sleeping eight hours a night and waking up groggy. But that's the ONLY thing I miss up being on steroids.

Glad to hear that Chris has started his new job.

PJ said...

My dryer buzzer also drives me INSANE and I'm not on steroids. Must be one of those things.

I have a terrible sore throat today, so my phone is off because I can't talk. I caught a bug from my son, who stayed home from school today.

I'll catch up with you next weekend.

Samantha MacRae said...

That dryer buzzer! It also drives me insane. What is the deal with that? LOL! Life is good - like the sound of that. Keep it up.

Sam xx

Nancy said...

Hi Ann. Glad you are tapering off the steroids. I'm sorry about your dryer buzzer. (Gee, what's worse... the buzz of the dryer or the buzz from the steroids?) I have a Maytag Washer and Dryer and have my buzzer is on the "off" position. I don't really need a buzzer to know that the clothes are dry. Sounds like you have no choice about the buzzer setting. How annoying.

Sorry about the truck. I hope you can get it repaired so it's like new. Remember, it's just "stuff."

The main thing is that Chris is back and found a seemingly great position locally. That's a real blessing in this economy. Congrats to Chris. Congrats to you on tapering the steroids and best wishes as your lives begin to become more normal. Stay well. Love n