Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I think my niece is viral, yet again. She was up off and on during the night throwing up, so guess where I am right now. Back in quarantine. This is definitely the one time that I do not want to catch what she has. I've spent so much time vomiting over the last two years, I could do without any more episodes, thank you very much.

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Nancy said...

Hi Ann. Sorry you are back in isolation!!! It's definitely worth it. You can't afford the exposure.

Sounds like you are becoming a bit of a culinary chef. You are much more adventurous and daring than I am in the kitchen. Maybe you donor is a professional chef or maybe he/she just enjoys cooking. Hats off to you for your efforts!

Glad to hear that your puffiness is declining. Soon, you'll be back to normal. Hang in there!
love, nancy