Friday, March 6, 2009

Long time no see

I have to apologize for the lack of posts these last two weeks. I know how anxious I can get when my buddies in the blogosphere don't update for a few days, and so I am sincerely sorry if I made anyone worry.

I've been busy these last few weeks scheduling one person or another to help with the move to New Jersey. There were quotes to get, appointments to make, apartments to find, etc. The last few days I've been manically canceling appointments in addition to having to go to Houston for my monthly checkup. Without being able to get into too much detail, I'm not moving up to New Jersey anytime soon. It has absolutely nothing to do with my health, rather it has more to do with logistics and a small handful of other things. When we're able to talk about it, I promise to be more forthcoming.

In other news, I saw Dr. Kebriaei on Wednesday and for the most part, all is well. My white blood cell count is normal, my hemoglobin and red blood cell count are still low, but that's to be expected. My liver function is essentially normal, so I won't have to take an extra drug to rid my liver of extra iron. Hooray! Dr. Kebriaei's only obvious concern was that my face and digits are still puffy from steroids. She feels that I'm on such a low dose that I should essentially look normal by now. The swelling in my face isn't nearly as bad as it was, but my face is far from normal looking. Dr. Kebriaei mentioned Raynaud's disease which is a circulatory problem. She wants to keep an eye on it and reassess it next month.

I'm also manifesting some new GvHD of the skin. The backs and palms of my hands get bright red off and on throughout the day and the skin is very dry regardless of how often I moisturize. There's also a large patch of skin that spans my lower back that's dimpled. This is a manifestation of GvH of the tissue just below the skin. It's very minor right now, but we have to watch it since I'll be coming off of the steroids next week.

I don't really have anything else to report. No more wacky incidences of unwashed hands or contraband fruit. I'll be getting off of three more medications next Friday, but will have to resume another at the same time. Overall, I feel really well and have been enjoying Chris's visit home. I'm sad that he has to fly back to New Jersey tomorrow, but I'll see him soon.

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PJ said...

Interestingly, I had Raynaud's prior to transplant but noticed that the symptoms completely disappeared afterwards. When I mentioned it to my doctor, he said that since the condition is believed to be an auto-immune issue, and since I was building a new immune system, I'm probably be rid of the annoying symptoms for good.

Be well.