Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My niece has a sinus infection and her doctor has confirmed that she'll be contagious through Friday. I've lost count of the infections this kid has had in the last two months. She is replete with germs, viruses, and bacteria. She is saturated in most of the things that I've been warned to avoid. Dear God, she is less than ten feet from me.

What do transplant patients with young children do? The only thing worse than a teenager is a toddler in daycare. The last two months have been difficult from a hygiene point of view. It's next to impossible to get C to be assiduous in her cleaning. Her version of clean and mine are different to begin with, but add in the fact that my immune system is suppressed due to drugs and we're in a completely different arena.

Dixie has asked her to spray everything she touches with Lysol while she's infectious. She sprays for about a second. I explained to Dixie that she needs to spray for a bit longer. It prompted a ten second spray. Quite often I feel like I'm speaking an entirely different language. More often than not, I feel like the cats have a better grasp of what I'm saying.

I'm pretty sure that I'm at the end of my tether on the germ front. I'm seriously considering wrapping the house in cling film, or installing a "hot zone" shower at the front door. At the very least, I'm staying in my room and only going out when absolutely nescessary. If anyone needs me, I'll be the basket case hiding under the covers.


PJ said...

Your cats definitely have a better grasp of what you're saying. Teenagers hear only what they want to hear, and that excludes everything that isn't about them. It's good you unloaded your frustration here. Pile it on!

Terri said...

Your situation would make even mousy me become assertive. Do what you have to do!