Monday, March 9, 2009

Chris resigned from the job in NJ this morning and started the long drive home. He should be back sometime tomorrow night, which means I should probably tidy up my mess a bit. He is the Felix to my Oscar and yet somehow it all works.

I'm excited to have him back and hope that the new job is a better fit. I'll take my last dose of steroids on Wednesday and if the GvHD behaves I should be good to go. My doctor has warned me that if the GvH is going to flare up, it will happen in the next few weeks. I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping fervently that the new immune system maintains the status quo. Since I've tapered off to 8mg of methylprednisolone, I've noticed that my energy levels have dropped concurrently. I no longer feel like I'm vibrating so hard that take off is imminent and I'm sleeping more. Rather, I'm not waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. My fingers continue to be a little stiff, but that's nothing new. So long as the other joint issues remain at bay, I'll be a happy girl.


Nancy said...

He didn't have to give two weeks notice??? It'll be nice to have him back! I'm sure the new job will be much better and, thankfully, it's local. Take care and good luck tapering those 'roids. love, n

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann:
All things hopefully for a reason; right? I'm just happy our little "Odd" couple will be back together sooner rather than later! (But the vision of you with a cigar hangin' out of your mouth and a backwards cap is too funny for words, Oscar!) Here's hoping for a safe journey home for Chris and hoping that the next few weeks are uneventful for you!


Anonymous said...

Well, congrats to Chris and you both are dealing with so much with grace and humor.

Good luck with the prednisone taper. I still am at a hug dose and will be on the prednisone for the rest of the year (chronic). I am praying for no flare ups for you my dear.

Love the updates- keep on truckin!

Anonymous said...

But wait, where will we find a dogsitter now? :)


Claire said...

Hi Ann, so is his new job in Louisiana? I must admit, it made me sad to think of y'all so far away in NJ, even though I've never met you. I somehow picked up on your blog from the Advocate's website I think. And I live near Houston, so I can relate to some of your Med Center/Houston stories (esp being there for the Hurricane). Anyway, keep us posted on the job situation.