Saturday, March 7, 2009

I just put Chris on a plane headed back to New Jersey. I know that I'll see him soon, but I'll miss him none the less. Things have started to wind down after a very hectic week. Chris was in a wreck in New Jersey on Monday, so the car has been at a dealership getting work done on the engine and frame while Chris has been in Baton Rouge. He plans on driving it back to Baton Rouge in the near future and taking care of the body work once he gets here. As I understand it, it was a pretty bad wreck and I'm just grateful that Chris stayed in one piece and no one was severely injured.

I continue to do well, although I've managed to put on 8 pounds since Chris left. I've been carb loading without my diet buddy to keep me straight. Dixie's agreed to be a stand in, so I'll get back on the wagon today. It doesn't hurt that I finished off all of the butterscotch cookies yesterday. I'll be off of the steroids next Friday, and I'm hoping that I'll feel less compelled to eat off schedule, i.e. the junk food in the pantry will stop calling out to me.

I'm off to finish taking my meds and finish knitting a shrug that's been lingering since the first transplant.

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Susan C said...

So relieved to hear that Chris is OK after the accident and very eager to hear the news about the canceled move to NJ.