Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chris and I are laying low and trying to stay out of trouble. The weather has been horribly wet this week. Of course this weekend has been gloriously clear and sunny. I even volunteered to run errands with Chris, just so I could be outside. My version of outside is sitting in a shady car while Chris does groceries and picks up odds and ends. I'll take what I can get.

We're attempting our first batch of naan tonight. I'm really hopeful. We found a recipe for chicken chaat that comes from our favorite Indian restaurant in Houston. The salad is marinating in the fridge and I'm anticipating some delicious flat bread sammies.

Life is plugging along at a nice pace. Living with a teenager keeps things dynamic. Chris and I are tentatively making plans for a house. This will be attempt number three. It seems that everytime we make an offer, something happens. First it was PTLD, then a relapse. We've got our eye on a few places, but we're being cautious. There's nothing that we just love, and houses go on and off the market, so I don't feel rushed. I know when it happens, I'll be happy to have my stuff out of storage and I'm sure Dixie will be relieved to have her house back.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. I anticipate things being quiet around here for another week.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Hurray for quiet! And good luck with the house search. Great to have something positive to do.