Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well, it happened. I have been laid low by whatever was infesting my niece. It all started early this afternoon with a bit of congestion and sinus pressure. I attributed my discomfort to the front that moved in over night. My post nasal drip steadily got worse during the day and I began to feel nauseated. By the time dinner rolled around, I was pretty sure food would be the enemy.

I managed to eat half of a sandwich and a handful of chips before the nausea really dug its claws in. Chris suggested that I take a Zofran, which I did. I managed to eat two popsicles after this and thought that I was really in the clear. Not so. I ended up vomiting about 15 minutes later.

I did feel immensely better after this little episode. I plan on emailing my doctor and waiting on further instructions. I haven't spiked a fever and my temperature has been consistent all day. I already have an appointment in Houston on Monday, so I suspect that the team will keep me in a holding pattern unless my symptoms get worse.


Anonymous said...

Ann, please have nasal swab testing to check for RSV. My daughter Lyndsay who had a MUD transplant 2 weeks after you had the exact same symptoms. Turned out to be RSV. Not dangerous to anyone except babies and immune suppresed. It is extremely contagious, precautions were taken at the infusion center. She was given IVIG infusion, but still ended up in the hospital for 6 days last month. She got another IVIG infusion 10 times the amount of the first one. She beat it because it was caught early, and her new donor immune system did its job! Just a heads up on something rare but possible. Take care, our t&p's are with you Ann. Lisa

PJ said...

Boy, can I empathize. Take care of yourself, and stay away from that germ factory.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann & Chris,

I enjoy reading your blog. I've even put it on my igoogle page. I was wondering if you could go back to using titles on yours posts. This would make it easier to see (on igoogle) if there is a new post. Right now it just shows up blank so I have to manually check it.

Thanks and here's to you beating that "cold", pronto!