Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BMB update

Chris just got off the phone with my clinical nurse. I'm showing 2% blasts in my marrow, which is well within the normal range. Freak that I am, I was hoping for zero. That's just the overachiever in me. Chris reminded me that blasts are just immature cells and that it's perfectly normal to have them show up. I also need to adjust my tacro level. Currently, I take 1mg of prograf a day. The team wants me to drop it down to .5mg. They have to call a new prescription in, so I guess I'll be having a little pharmacy adventure today. I often wonder what the employees at the local pharmacy think when I roll up. I take so many off the radar drugs that there are times when they don't have them in stock. Some of the drugs I take as prophylaxis are normally used to treat other varied and interesting things--read "cooties". I like to think that I make their day interesting. :)


Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations on the BMB results. That's terrific!!!!!!! I know what you mean about the pharmacists. Mine have gotten tto know me pretty well while filling all sorts of prescriptions.

Jim said...

Great update, Ann. Sounds like a good report with some interesting twists ahead, but hasn't that been the case for some time now? We're united with you and Chris in prayer and love for more improvement.


Nancy said...

Great News! 2% IS normal.. but I know what you mean about wanting 0% blast count! I'm the same way!

I had Vidaza sub-cu injections spanning 4 months about six months prior to my transplant. They stopped treatment because it wasn't working for me. The doctor preferred the injections go into my stomach area... ouch! Maybe you can get them in your arm. I don't know about the chemotherapy this far post-transplant. I had chemo just after my transplant (methotrexate) but didn't have any chemo treatment after leaving the hospital. hmmmm...

You are already taking less Prograf than I am. Lucky Duck.

Take Care!!!