Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fat cats and blood work

As I type this, a slightly overweight tonkinese is perched in my lap with her front forelegs crossed over one of my arms. She can't be comfortable, but she's determined. It's probably because I'm wearing black and she has a cat's sense of humor.

I saw my local oncologist this morning to have a chemistry panel pulled, as requested by my transplant doctor. My CBC looks good. My RBC count is up just slightly, so maybe the new immune system is settling in and deciding to make reds. My platelets are up a little at 269 and my WBC is 7.6. I always get a little antsy when the white blood cells creep over 7. I just keep waiting for that explosion that heralds leukemia. My alk phos was still elevated, but slightly lower than last week and my creatinin was 1.0 compared to 1.2. This is still high for me, but Dr. Bienvenu thinks things are headed in the right direction.

All of this new information is being faxed to my transplant team today. They'll put together a plan of action and probably call me. Or not. I never know. Unless I hear otherwise, I'll be seeing Dr. Bienvenu again in two weeks.

I spiked a small fever last night which upset Chris, but taught us both something new about my resident immune system. There was quite a bit of drama last night thanks to the resident teenager and after three months of remaining silent on the matter my temper exploded. I have a very slow fuse and a desire to stay out of other people's messes, but when you bring the mess to my doorstep I get a little crazy. After a double round of door slamming and I don't know how many rounds of foot stomping I heard a raised voice coming from the bedroom connected to ours. It was late and I was already irritated from a week of the same thing so I jumped up to confront the situation. Chris stopped me, which was for the best, but before I could stop myself I yelled at the teenager through the wall which resulted in another round of stomping and another door slam to be followed by a little more drama. Why have I shared all of this? Because I take my temperature right before going to bed and this little incident just happened to coincide with my bed time. I was aggravated beyond reason which affected both my blood pressure and my temperature. Voila, fever.

I'm very happy to report that the temperature is back to normal this morning. The teenager, not so much. Stomp-stomp, slam.


Susan C said...

I've always said that being a parent is far harder than being a patient, and now you're getting a taste.

Love the last paragraph!

Ann said...

Amen to that, Susan!

Rene said...

Great counts!! Keep fighting!!

Nancy said...

Ann, Great counts. Welcome to the club (living with teenagers club, that is!) I think the stress of having teenagers... attitudes, late nights, not responding to calls or text messages, etc... has kept me going all these years! Who Knew??? Love ya, n

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad your counts were good. I HATE that anxiety of waiting to get them back. We have opposite issues: You don't want yours to get too high and I don't want mine to get too low. Sorry about the teenager. I bet that today the teenager is being as sweet as Susan's cupcakes. Hope so, anyway.