Monday, March 3, 2008

The bad weather has finally rolled in and I'm currently watching a sad and dejected Pez languishing by the front door. She's determined to go out and investigate the rain herself and I'm determined that she won't.

The Z-pak seems to have done the trick and my cough is history. A nurse from the stem cell transplant clinic called this afternoon just to check in and be sure that I was taking my prescription. As if I wouldn't. I know that there are non-compliant patients out there who think they know better than the doctors. It boggles the mind.

This weekend was nice and quiet, although I was a bit concerned that Chris was going to have an aneurysm Sunday. I talked him into taking me to a rather large and busy craft store in the hopes of finding really long circular needles for my knitting project. He was on high alert and made sure he always got between me and anyone who might wander down the same aisle. I know that he knows that germs and viruses won't stop at the invisible line drawn in the sand, but it makes him feel better to do something. At one point, I was considering some yarn when the squeal of an approaching baby literally made Chris jump out of his skin. I figured that since I couldn't find anything that I needed, it was time to take mercy on Chris and leave the store.

So, that was it. No scary news to report, which is how I'd like to keep it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, that is the funniest post! The humor you derive at lifes simplest things is so refreshing!

On another note, I have not contacted you since moving back home to BTR as I have been waivering between colds, sinus infections and simply adjusting to the warm and very HUMID climate here. I can't tell if I am sick (which is how I feel) or if I am just working things out in my system, ie: sinues, etc.

So much for the difference between the arid desert and the sub tropic south Louisiana climate....Which I love but am out of practice for!

I'll get back in touch with you when things settle down for me and of course when they settle down for you......that is the most important thing of all. I can wait and I need to get over my "infection". So SMILE!