Monday, March 31, 2008

Chris talked to my nurse in Houston today to try to puzzle out what's been going on with me health-wise. I haven't had any repeats of Saturday and my temperature has been normal or just below it for the last three days. I've felt pretty consistently well and my appetite has been normal--unless you count what the scale says, in which case it could be described as "robust". I've gained a pound over the last week, so I'm doubtful that PTLD is rearing its ugly head.

Cathy thinks it was probably something that I ate and I'm all for that.

Two days and we're off to Houston to get another check-up. Cross your fingers that my immune system keeps towing the line, assuring normal numbers. My GvHD is pretty entrenched and my hands look hideous. I'm very hopeful that Dr. Hymes just puts me in the light box in order to get my skin a bit closer to "normal".

Stay tuned for any new developments.


Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' was the Miller Light that made you puke. That would make anyone puke.

Chris said...

Sorry to rain on the "Miller Light is the Suck" parade, but it wasn't what made her throw up. She tried the light beer two days before the vomiting incident and actually never finished more than a 1/4 of it because she disliked it.

Now for dinner on the night she did throw up she had a home made wheat flour pizza, some pepperoni she nicked from the bag when I wasn't looking and a Abita Turbo Dog. Draw your own conclusions.

pj said...

what the hell is an abita turbo dog? Sounds nauseating. Glad you're better, Anne.

Tina said...

Turbodog is a delicious dark wondrous beer brewed in Abita Springs, LA.
Ann do you remember when Gage downed that pitcher of Turbodog at the Bayou?
Oh, how I miss Abita Beer and the Bayou.

Annie you prob shoulda started off with Amber and worked your way up.

oh, i am salivating now....that's it! I'm going to track down some Abita after work.