Saturday, March 22, 2008

I had my first beer since being diagnosed and I have to admit to being underwhelmed. I managed to drink 1/4 of a long neck before I just couldn't stand the taste anymore. It was one of those souless ultra-light beers marketed to the low carb crowd. As my friend Caroline will tell you, I generally prefer something you could stand a spoon up in. I'll shelve the whole idea of drinking beer until some time further in the future. Chris suggested I try a glass of wine and after the whole beer debacle I had to decline.

Today's adventure included a salad binge including some yummy blue cheese. You'd get really excited too, I promise. I had a strange moment while crumbling the cheese because I started fixating on the blue veins. I thought it might turn out like my first reintroduction to fresh fruits and veggies. There was a slight learning curve as my digestive system got used to actually having to work for its keep.

So, beer and cheese. Hold me back.


pj said...

Hope you've recovered from your beer & cheese bender.

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm a bit shocked that you'd use your first "occasional beer coupon" for a Miller Light or something similar. Oh Bananie, next time stick to something from a microbrew--or something brewed my monastic monks. Those are usually safe bets. I am trying to be sympathetic but honestly, you have only yourself to blame.

Nancy said...

Beer & Cheese???.. Beer & Pretzels perhaps... Low Carb Beer isn't beer, my friend. Beer tastes absolutely delightful to me now. I'll have an extremely cold Bud Light on occasion, and it is just yummy. A glass of wine (Merlot) on Easter hit the spot. Wish I could have more than one, but it's that darn Prograf. In the meantime, I'm happy with one drink. BTW, I know what you mean about blue cheese. I never used to eat the stuff, but after my transplant, every salad is smothered in blue cheese dressing. Can't get enough of it. (Does it have something to do with our donors, the chemo? the meds?)
Take Care, love, n