Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day +200

I never thought this day would get here and now that I'm living it, day +200 doesn't feel like a milestone. My baby stemcells are about to celebrate their 7 month birthday with a renovation of their new digs. They've been harassing my skin, causing me to look like a plucked chicken from the neck down. The dermatologist literally told me that I had chicken skin. I thought this was hilarious and very concise. She prescribed a one pound jar of steroid cream, advising me not to use it on my face, neck, or groin. Apparently, the steroid cream can cause a thinning of the skin, which would be bad in these delicate areas. I have noticed after using it for a few days that the skin on my fingers has become thin and I have suffered a few uncomfortable tears in the tissue. I'll have to be a bit more judicious when I'm applying it. The resident who was also attending me advised that I use Cerave cream on my face. It's on order and should arrive in the next few days.

My eyes continue to be dry and sensitive. It's not horrible, but they constantly feel dry and uncomfortable. Kind of like facing a heavy wind for hours at a time with your eyes wide open. They look a little gray and bloodshot in addition to everything, convincing me that I have systemic GvHD. Luckily, my digestive system is plugging along, so maybe it won't be affected. I'm hoping that my liver enzymes go back to normal, because GvHD of the liver is seriously bad news. While I was in the hospital getting my transplant, two of my neighbors died from GvHD of the liver. Unfortunately, it's one of those organs that you can't live without. I should know on Tuesday. Houston, here we come.

On a lighter note, I got to be the designated caregiver this week. Chris had his date with the dentist on Friday and since he was suffering the effects of valium and halcyon, I got to call the shots. Those of you who really know me are probably cringing right about now, since you know my sense of direction is pooh and the idea of me navigating the skinny roads of Denham Springs probably leaves you in a cold sweat. Ha! It worried me too. So, at the peak of morning traffic, we set off for the dentist in BR with fingers crossed. No problem. I managed to get him to his appointment on time without running anyone off the road and as a bonus, I didn't get lost.

Poor Chris was scheduled to have a cleaning--his first in a very long time, 4 cavities filled and a root canal. He got a super surprise when he had to have an unexpected root canal bringing the total up to 2. I picked him up 4 hours later and he was definitely stoned. We sat in lunch time traffic for over an hour, seriously testing my charity towards the driving public at large. Road rage is my cross to bear. I'm working on it, I promise.

That's all of the excitement for this week. I'm starting to get foggy from the intrathecal chemo, so things will probably be quiet blog-wise until Tuesday.


pj said...

Happy 200! I "celebrate" 100 today. Wish I could do something fun.

Susan Carrier said...

I hope that Chris has recovered from his dental trauma. That was a lot of work for anyone to endure, let alone someone with dentaphobia!